Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here Goes Nothing. . .

Hibbing, MN, perhaps you've heard of it?  Richest Little Village in the World?  The Town That Moved? Hometown of Bob Dylan, Kevin McHale, Roger Maris, Jeno Paulucci and well. . . me.

I suppose that last little part isn't too impressive.  I am not the voice of a generation, a famous sports figure, or the founder of a multi-million dollar food empire.

Yet, I am a Hibbing girl--born and raised on Minnesota's Iron Range.  I've been fortunate to live here at several junctures in my adult life, but now as fate would have it I am leaving once again.

I am not alone in this experience.  Many children of Hibbing (and the Iron Range in general) find themselves living around the world pursuing education, work, and other things.  Iron Range roots run deep though.  Never before have I encountered a group of people so passionate and drawn to their hometowns as Iron Range Expatriates (of course I've never really looked for a similar group, but that's not the point.).

So, what is the point?  Well, the fact of the matter is I love my hometown.  I am fascinated by its past and committed to support its plucky future.  Like many small towns in this day and age, it has its struggles, but it also has hope in a number of people, ideas, and institutions.

I want to be part of that hope.  But what's a girl to do living 300+ miles away?

That's this blog poeple, and that's the power of the internet.

Stay tuned.

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