Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Third Option or Joining Together to Make Hibbing Better

"The tragic reality is that we do not live in a perfect world. It seem to me that there are a number of ways to deal with this fact. Firstly, you can quietly accept it. Secondly, you can moan and whine about it. Thirdly, you can try to make things better. If you haven't taken the third option and at least made some effort, then you have no right to take the second option either." --A. B. Credaro (a.k.a. The Warrior Librarian)

The above quotation has been one of my favorites since I stumbled upon it on the interwebs a few years back.  It’s definitely a credo I try to live by and an idea that I believe is central to what I’m doing here on this blog.  

What brings it to mind this evening is a new Facebook group that I noticed on my feed today entitled “Pro-Hibbing, MN”.  I was intrigued as I read the group’s explained purpose:

Written By Mike Lord.
The site was created as a means to get voices heard in the decision making process and possibly asking those in local government to respectfully accept our suggestions. I would love a "Townhall/Brainstorm" session. I especially want to clarify that anything posted should not be personal. The job Hibbing’s current administration is performing is impressive at many levels, please keep mud slinging to a minimum as it goes against our site, Pro-Hibbing,MN. Thank you ALL!

Positive.  Constructive.  Focused on a little collective action.  I liked it. 

And so I requested to join.  

At 9:07 p.m. Central Standard Time on Thursday, February 09, 2012 there are 57 members (including yours truly).  

What will come of this group?  I don’t know, but I have high hopes that it will serve as an effective gathering platform for many people who love Hibbing and want to contribute to the betterment of the community.  This seems to be part of a growing movement of people who are positively united around Hibbing thanks to the internet.  Two other platforms that come to mind are the Hibbing Trivia and Lore group on Facebook and the Hibbing: Ore and More campaign as it lives through the community calendar and Facebook page.  

So, I hope other people who “heart” Hibbing will join this latest group.  Contribute your thoughts, participate in discussion, and translate ideas into action for the good of Hibbing.  

Come on team, we can do it.  And even if we fail sometimes, we owe it to ourselves and our community to try.  


  1. Video isn't working... look forward to seeing it.

  2. There isn't any video with this particular post, Anonymous. Perhaps you were referring to an earlier piece?