Friday, October 26, 2012

Small Business Saturday: "You've Got To Get Mad"

Note: For those of you who follow this blog, my apologies for my rather long hiatus. It's more difficult than I originally anticipated to maintain a blog about my beloved hometown while living somewhere else.  Life pulls one in so many different directions with work and relationships, that blog often finds itself on the bottom of the priority chain.  And yet, I begin again, because I love it and it's my little piece of putting something positive into the universe on behalf of Hibbing.  :)

I found out this week that Leuthold-Jacobson's clothing store, a fixture on Howard Street for as long as I can remember; is closing. 

Now on a certain level, this is not surprising news.  One could read the writing on the wall, looking at fiscal realities and modern consumer habits.  But it is sad, nonetheless.  I shudder to think of the appearance of the Leuthold's building as another empty storefront downtown. 

And yet, before I let myself wander too far down the path of destructive communal self-pity . . . I remind myself that this is a blog about "hearting" Hibbing, about encouraging positive developments in the community, about cheering it on and fighting the good fight. 

This is not the time to give up, give in, and admit defeat.  This is time to re-energize and re-double our efforts.  And along those lines, I offer up the following video for inspiration:

Indeed, it is time to get mad.  Seize the day.  Never surrender.  Victory or death . . .okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but you get the idea. 

It may fly in the face of all logic, but I truly believe that we "the people of Hibbing" can unite and together revitalize our independent business community.  It's all about getting mad and then channeling that energy into getting organized. 

Target Number 1: Downtown Hibbing, Small Business Saturday (November 24th). 

I'll be there.  Care to join me? 


  1. I will be there with you! The closing of Leuthold's is another indication that downtown Hibbing needs you in order to survive. What could be more gratifying than supporting your local businesses, your community, your friends and neighbors? PLEASE do some of your holiday shopping in downtown Hibbing while there is still a downtown to shop in. I truly enjoy your blog and I hope your message about November 24 gets passed on and on! PLEASE tell your friends, everyone!

  2. Woohoo! :) Thanks for your comment, HG. So glad that you enjoy the blog and even more happy that you'll be joining the movement on the 24th! The more the merrier. Here's to fanning this spark into a flame!!